Our Recruitment Philosophy

The Company’s recruitment philosophy is to ‘Hire for Attitude & Train for Skills’ and this is ingrained in the company’s HR mosaic. Attitudinal hiring at Omnia Business Solutions Private Limited is largely based on “4E + 1P” philosophy, wherein energy, energizing ability, edge, execution ability and passion are the traits looked for in a professional. Apart from using traditional recruitment channels to hire quality human capital, Omnia Business Solutions Private Limited employs the most innovative & robust ‘Internal Referral program’ in which internal participation is highly encouraged.

Career Growth

Omnia Business Solutions Private Limited employs the best practices for people development & career growth. As Business consultants, we offer our clients’ expertise across practice areas and exposure to a wide range of experience. We offer sufficient mobility between practice areas to meet this end. We believe in providing a road map of career advancement, where everyone heads in the direction of success and chalk out the tenure of achieving respective milestones. All of which reinstate that, this organization presents great opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Performance based Evaluation

Omnia Business Solutions Private Limited appraisal system is a combination of formative and summative approaches. While it uses Goal Setting documents as the base to capture project / function goals, business goals & personal goals, it also lists down the metrics and suggested pointers required to meet them. The performance criteria measurement is largely metrics driven. Besides capturing quantifiable results, significant traits & behavioural aspects are also captured using the summative approach. To minimize subjectivity & ratter bias, the process includes a self-appraisal programme followed by group head and reviewer inputs before normalization. Omnia Business Solutions Private Limited believes in differentiation on the basis of performance and the same is supported through a proven appraisal system.



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