Design plays a key role in the success of the company's extensive product range. In a legal sense, an industrial design constitutes the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an article. With The Online Consultants, protect the novelty of your product’s shape, size and design in 3 easy steps. In a legal sense, an industrial design constitutes the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an article. An industrial design may consist of three dimensional features, such as the shape of an article, or two dimensional features, such as patterns, lines or color.

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Once you fill in the above details, our expert will call you to understand your requirements in a better way and to brief you about the entire renewal process and suggest you the course of action. Upon confirmation of our engagement by you, we will dedicate you a relationship manager who will take care of all your needs.

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We at The Online Consultants, work towards minimizing the hassles of the client, keeping this moto in mind our executives will give you a single check list of documents needed so that we don’t bother you time and again for documents. In case you are short of a few documents, our consultants help you to provide us the maximum possible alternative documents.

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The Online Consultants facilitate payments through secure online payment gateway. After successfully providing the set of documents, our experts will prepare the application. Once your application is prepared, you would be asked to make payment for processing the application.


Why I should get the industrial design of my product registered?
How much does it cost to obtain industrial design protection?
Is industrial design Resgistration offers protection globally?
What is the difference between an industrial design right and a patent?
An industrial design right protects only the appearance or aesthetic features of a product, whereas a patent protects an invention that offers a new technical solution to a problem. In principle, an industrial design right does not protect the technical or functional features of a product. Such features could, however, potentially be protected by a patent.
When should I file an application for Design Registration?
What is the duration of protection for an Industrial Design?



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